Writing music has always been one of my passions and primary activities, although I have made my living mostly from playing and teaching. In fact, I've always sort of considered myself a composer who also plays rather than the other way around. I love a lot of different styles of music, and, consequently, I've written in a lot of different styles.

The first track is a tune of mine that I did on my masters recital at U of Miami back in the Spring of 1990. I arranged it for a "small big band" more or less in the mold of Gil Evans, one of my favorite composer/arrangers. I have long since forgotten who the musicians all are, but John Bailey is the trumpet soloist, Brett Simons is the bass player, and Terry O'Mahoney is the drummer.

  • Blue The Sky

  • In the Fall of 2006, the guitar faculty at Miami/Dade did a recital, and I decided to write a piece to feature myself and the other two jazz guitar teachers there, Mitch Farber and Sandy Poltarack. I wrote the piece pretty quickly, and it's far from perfect, but it has its moments I think. Here's a recording of the three of us playing the piece for the second time at the Spring 2007 faculty guitar recital.

  • Three

  • Next are a few instrumental tunes I've written and recorded in various styles. Most of these feature my guitar playing pretty extensively as well, but I hesitate to put them on the "demos" page since I used midi instead of actual musicians for some of the instruments (usually the drums and/or piano). That's me playing harmonica on "Andy's Tune" and bass on most of the others.

  • Andy's Tune
  • Spiritual (intro to New Aegis)
  • New Aegis
  • Waltz for Bill Evans
  • Dreamy/Loopy
  • Little B Waltz (for foreign film)