Procedures and information for private jazz guitar lessons at Miami/Dade College, Kendall Campus:

In order to sign up for private lessons at Miami/Dade College, you must be a music major, and also be concurrently enrolled in at least 4 credits of other music classes. You also need to fill out a private lesson sheet in the music office and have someone there sign it before you can register.

There are 3 levels of private jazz guitar lessons, 1013, 1313, and 2323. 1013 is what is called "pre-applied" which is considered to be basic or rudimentary level for students who are not ready for college level lessons for music majors, which are called "applied level." The other two course numbers correspond to freshman (1313) and sophomore (2323) level private lessons for music majors. If you are a music major going for an AA music degree, you're supposed to have two semesters of 1313 and two of 2323.

Applied level students have additional requirements, though. They are required to perform juries and forum performances, which are part of the applied lesson grade for the semester. The jury, which happens at the end of each semester, is a performance in front of the guitar faculty to demonstrate what the student has worked on over the semester with their private teacher. The student's performance on the jury is part of the overall private lesson grade for that semester. Failing to perform a jury is an automatic F for the semester. A few weeks before the jury, the student and teacher will go over together what was covered during the semester and the material to be performed on the jury will be decided on by the student and teacher together. The remainder of the semester will primarily be spent making sure that material is prepared for the jury performance. Students will know well in advance everything that they will have to perform on the jury.

Applied level students also have to play at one of the jazz forums each semester (there are usually 3, evenly spaced throughout the semester), which is where applied level students put a group together with fellow music students and perform a tune (one that's been approved by the private teacher) for the students and faculty. The student is responsible for putting a band together with other students in the school, and scheduling and running rehearsals to prepare for the performance. The student then must run through the tune with the group for either his private teacher or one of the other jazz faculty members and have the faculty member judge the group ready to perform. The quality of the student's performance on the forum is not taken into consideration for the private lesson grade, but failing to perform at a forum lowers the private lesson grade by one letter grade

In pre-applied lessons, your grade is based only on your teacher's evaluation of how you did over the course of the semester, with no jury or forum performance required (although pre-applied students are welcome to perform at forums if they and their teacher feels they are ready). Usually a student takes one or more semesters of pre-applied lessons, and when the student feels like he's ready, he does a jury (during the regularly scheduled end of the semester jury day for applied level students) to "bump up" to the applied level lessons. This "bump up" jury is not part of the student's grade, it's merely to determine whether or not the student is ready to move on to applied level lessons. There are cases where students can begin at the 1313 level right away (with teacher approval) though, if the student is ready.

If you taking private lessons for the first time and feel you are ready for the applied level, mention this to your advisor (the faculty or staff member assisting you in signing up for your classes) and/or your private teacher, and a decision will be made as to whether you can bypass the pre-applied level. Students entering at the applied level should already have some experience playing jazz, have knowledge of the names of the notes on the neck and some ability to read standard notation and basic chord symbols, be able to play the chords and melody from memory of at least one jazz tune or jazz standard, and be able to demonstrate a rudimentary ability to play idiomatically in the jazz style (including tone, articulation, phrasing, and rhythmic concept).

Here is the info for lessons:

Course ID: MVJ1013
Course description: Pre-Appl Jazz Guitar

Course ID: MVJ1313
Course description: Jazz Guitar Prin-1Yr

Course ID: MVJ2323
Course description: Jazz Guitar Prin-2Yr

Each one of the classes also has a reference number, which is different each semester, and each teacher will have a separate reference number for each of the levels of private lessons. Make sure you get the correct reference number for your course ID, teacher, and semester.

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