Articles About Music and the Guitar

The following articles were written many years ago (most of them originally on the old Rec Music Makers Guitar Jazz or "RMMGJ" newsgroup) and were posted on my old website. The text-only format is a bit primitive by modern standards and, in some cases, I would have a different take on a given subject if I discussed it today. Nonetheless, I'm reprinting them here with only a few light edits in case they might be helpful and/or interesting to someone. 

Advice for Aspiring Musicians

Altered Chords

The Augmented Scale

The Big Three Progressions

Dolphin Dance


Giant Steps

Minor II V I

Polychords and Slash Chords

Rhythm Changes

Shell Voicings




In 2012, I was interviewed by Clinton Carnegie of The Guitar Column. You can find his questions and my responses here.